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Flying Swords of Dragon Gate 3D Blu-ray review :


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Blu-ray 3D title  Flying Swords of Dragon Gate 3D Blu-ray 3D
Type of 3DNative
Release Date UK: available
Tested versionEnglishwoman
Audio: Mandarin  
Audio: English  2.0 Stereo
Final Evaluation 3D HUGE

Set three years Effective Dragon Inn, innkeeper Jade has disappeared and a new inn Has Risen from the ashes - one that's staffed by marauders masquerading as law-abiding Citizens, who hope to unearth the fabled lost city buried in the desert.


Image and depth: 
Firstly, the treatment of light, color, and black contrasts reveal admirable in the early minutes, and consistent quality throughout the projection. The image is crisp and realism rarely reproduced in a blu-ray 3d.
Regarding the treatment of 3D depth, the opening sequence features a quick response and creates a violent and unprecedented visual shock: we are witnessing one of the most beautiful tracking shots ever seen in a 3D blu-ray 3D. It flew for several minutes a port with dozens of boats with a camera through everything in its path: the depth is just incredible, and nothing particular since Avatar 3D was shown as field of view.

The beginning of the narrative and further viewing only confirms this: the intensity of the 3D insolent on the register of depth and detachment: it does not seem possible to further increase their level is so exemplary . Even more insane is proving to be the level of detail on the backgrounds. It is simple, often criticized most blu-ray 3D market to use regularly blur the backgrounds. Except Avatar 3D, all use of this device technique. Well, here's a new answer to this problem simply disappears: in Flying Swords of Dragon Gate, the decorations are still incredibly sharp, even with a display of the horizon of sight. Or as in Avatar is mostly dealing with CGI, both in live action had never seen this to date! It is surprising to think that everywhere is actually in front of real scenery.

The beautiful choreography of the fighting, the optimal positions of the cameras and the original height filming underwater characters to illustrate a constant level of depth and far horizon incredible. The latest movies Avengers 3D , Men In Black 3D , Titanic 3D and 3D Spider-Man proved to be the best to illustrate the depth of field on a vertical perspective mainly high with dizziness while Flying Swords of Dragon Gate 3D shows him not only the depth of field horizontally with a record hard to believe, but the depth of field in the vertical number of plans already cult! special mention for sequences cult film in battle the two protagonists who fly Full sandstorm: 3D display is staggering realism and beauty. The same is no longer all tracking shots that take you through a depth image super clear and infinite horizon! Finally a success full 3D: the fact that many people invested in the 3D Avatar (Chuck Comisky, 3D effects supervisor) is found to be involved in this film is certainly not innocent in the final result!


We repenche again this opening sequence with this incredible traveling on the port: the camera pierces all the elements encountered in operating the registry of permanent gush so far every 5 seconds, it seems that the we will take a boat trip on the mat head where a wooden beam and it surprises even dodge them. This sequence found admirable for free in introductory sequence of Hugo Cabret 3D , with this great traveling to Paris from the sky onto the platform of the Gare de Lyon with all passengers crossing the platform that fully. Early in the film, we discover a dizzying festival spillovers and spurts. First of all, as in the last Men In Black 3 3D , all the elements of sets extend continuously from the wall, hats, swords sheathed walls, heads, torsos ... insolent with clarity.
But more at the slightest action, all elements imaginable can be found extended or thrown out of the wall: swords, particles, debris, dust, scarves, chains, gravel ... The frequent positioning of the camera allows for diving regularly bring forth all that is on the scene at that time: people, flags and pennants, beams, walls ... It does not go 30 seconds without the framing indicates an overflow or an extension generous partial or full stage.
The register of permanent spurts is also regularly used with cameras airline plans depicting characters spouted complete. So the mist regularly invited into the room burst mode to hone permanent regular superb aesthetics of photography.

We also benefit from such spurts gushing back, including a crossing of crows coming from behind the sofa, crossing the room in the middle and eventually disappear off while deep 3D technology pioneered there is little in Avengers 3D (gushing back vessels and Iron Man) and more recently 3D Abraham Lincoln (burst back bats). Then you will be entitled to countless sequences spurts daggers thrown back giving a real dimension to the conflict.

Finally a true masterpiece as 3D memory rarely live-action film was proposed as overflow stealth (or permanent) and spurts such projections so as sustained throughout the film!


Final Evaluation 3D: 
We definitely live a year-end Blu-ray 3D punctuated by surprises.Flying Swords of Dragon Gate 3D Blu-ray arrives freshly and sets a new standard in the treatment depth, allowing access to the pantheon of the best live action 3D film to date. The intensity of the extreme depth is continuously admirable detachment, and it does not seem possible to improve the 3D terrain as it is optimal. This visual perfection is enhanced moreover by the backgrounds that are never blurred, a feature incredible that we had not experienced since Avatar 3D. Regarding the register overflows and bursts, it is also a great surprise with shooting for 3D thoughts that extend and project all kinds of things regularly so always ultra realistic. Too bad only English 2.0 is available to date to celebrate a new film simply top tech demo, which shows one of the 3 best films 3D techniques of 2013, nothing else!
Franck L.
Top 3D sequences Flying Swords of Dragon Gate 3D Blu-ray
TimeType of 3D effect Description
1:29DepthTraveling worship on the waterfront!
1:29Pop-outTraveling on the masts and beams burst
3:39Pop-outA nice burst permanent flag
4:29Pop-outThe bust of the Emperor
10:39DepthInside depth
1:57 p.m.DepthView of the temple in the distance
3:29 p.m.Pop-outThe Falcon
3:43 p.m.DepthPanorama overlooking the water
6:28 p.m.Pop-outSword pointing!
6:37 p.m.DepthTop view
25:15Pop-outAttention to the sword!
27:03Pop-outThe dagger boomerang!
32:19DepthA flock of crows
38:10Pop-outFlying Dagger
1:24: 48Pop-outArrows
1:28Pop-outHay wheel
1:31: 05Pop-outHouse of Flying Daggers
1:31: 45Pop-outThe scarf
1:32: 03Pop-outChain
1:32: 37DepthCyclone
1:32: 54Pop-outThe big fight!
1:33: 56DepthCyclones in wide shot
1:34: 48Pop-out+ Throw stones storm
1:35: 24Pop-outStones!
1:37: 25DepthThe view over the dunes
1:38: 40DepthTraveling on the city
1:39: 18DepthTop view of the door!
1:50: 43DepthA little high
1:51: 09Pop-outThe return of daggers
1:53: 16Pop-outFew drops of blood finals
* This selection of the most representative 3D scenes is not limited to the incredible amount of depth planes and flooding / spurts in the film.

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