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Avengers 3D Blu-ray 3D Review


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Blu-ray 3D title Avengers 3D Blu-ray 3D
Type of 3D 3D conversion
Release Date  29/08/12
Version French
Audio: English  
Audio: French  
Appreciation Global 3D  WORSHIP!

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"When Nick Fury, director of SHIELD, the organization that preserves peace worldwide, seeks to build a strong team to prevent the destruction of the world, Iron Man, Hulk, Thor, Captain America, Hawkeye and Black Widow answer present. were beautiful The Avengers be the most fantastic team, they still have to learn to work together, not against each other, especially as the dreaded Loki was able to access the Cosmic Cube and his unlimited power ...

by Joss Whedon sign a pearl film: casting high-level artistic director exquisite orchestration of fighting, more explosions and collapses that have nothing to envy that offers Transformers 3 , we are faced with a blockbuster family an incredible visual quality, enhanced by its use of 3D. A new key reference in the segment of superhero films, preview decoded by France just for you!


Image and depth:  
The film offers a transfer with a beautiful 3D brightness and excellent color management and contrast. Its ideal format (1.78:1) assumes from the outset a great visual spectacle. Waiting for the visualization of the 3D relief that is becoming stronger, especially since it must be remembered that this film was converted to 3D in post-production, and has not been filmed natively. The overall depth is impressive throughout the film. Very convincing in the first part, it is simply amazing in the last hour of the film. before praising the film on this success undeniable technical, I will dwell in addressing some areas for improvement that could make it even better. In the first part of the film devoted mostly to interior scenes, the perception of interior spaces is very compelling. There is a defect that is classic the treatment of many zooms and close-ups of 1 or 2 players in question: the blurring of the background to highlight the first element of the plan, or sometimes blur the character foreground (displayed then overflow) to highlight the character in the second plan, ancient technique that filmmakers use too often to force the viewer to focus solely on the net element of the image, to abandon the gray areas. This complaint concerns many films reference, eg, Journey to the Center of the Earth # 2 orJourney to the Center of the Earth # 1 , Harold & Kumar 3D or for example the series 4 or 5 Final Destination 3D This natural process that goes unnoticed on 2D film, just proves deceptive on a 3D film because during those long seconds where 2/3 of the image is blurred reveal the viewer no longer has any effect depth perception, which is the bare minimum for any fan of 3D. The majority of 3D movies such abuse often blurred backgrounds when the protagonist is expressed in the first plane (eg Destination 4 and 5) movies with digital sets are those that are beyond the best realization of this bias and excellent in image display always clear on all fronts (eg Avatar 3D ). We would like to give the viewer the choice to focus on the place of the image of interest, with plans always clear (as is always the case on the overall plans or back) end parenthesis. way with the exception of those rare and rapid sequences blurry depth is omnipresent and very good intensity. It down against intensity during some dark scenes where management creates a slight black crush detachment between objects (eg in the first scene of confrontation between Thor and Iron Man).Similarly some scenes with aerial too fast and slightly blurred miss to generate the feeling of vertigo expected. In the second part of the film, which is heavily titanic clashes, robberies heroes in the air, the depth effect is striking on many levels, and characteristic of a great work of conversion 3D post! The last 30 minutes are also incredible offering a wide range of plans and aerial dynamics and rhythmic with a perception of volume and emptiness rather unbelievable. On many occasions, dizziness is literally intoxicating! * Thus, by taking into account the first part of the film a rating of 4/5 was confirmed for the depth, but the last part of the film being optimal, the indulgence leads me to note the overall 5/5 effort and work done on this film in 3D conversion.


Managing the effects of burst is the second great surprise of this conversion, very average in the first part of the film, and very good in the second part. discrete Rather early in the film, there is mostly superb natural overflow, and sometimes quite marked, faces of characters or set pieces off the screen, such as monitors, controls and other displays with an effect similar in spirit to those of Avatar with screens in the control room overflowing generously. The first confrontations quickly reassured by projecting all sorts of debris and stealth elements from collisions and destruction of other decorative elements. Rare items are subject to permanent gush a few seconds, allowing long seconds to realize that the projection member is unclear. This small failure is often observed during the conversion and integration of elements posteriori projection too static and closer to the spectator found for example this problem in the past that are very successful conversions Wrath of the Titans 3D and John Carter 3D .Again, in the second part of the film, especially during the long and enjoyable scene final confrontation, the film puts the packet on all technical aspects of the film, and at that time Avengers 3D Blu-ray 3D movies becomes the most successful to date, with an incredible 3D staging.

Overflows picture become very common and different theaters of confrontation display items that appear rapidly outside the frame. On spurts, we discover in this film a very unusual effect rapid and intense that we can baptize "gushing back." This effect occurs many times in scenes of aerial combat and looting we see such different heroes and flying enemy ships, moving from the back of your home theater to the front with a novel effect gushing back to the front of the screen. The most impressive demonstration of this effect takes place with the huge alien ship, which seems to pass right through your room movies coming from behind you, eventually plunge forward and step into your wall viewing, passage very stealthy but very impressive if one dissects a still picture. The same sequence with the nuclear missile that crosses your room in the middle of the back to the front, followed by Iron Man ready. 
fighting air brushes become real masterfully orchestrated by Joss Whedon, where it rejoices each camera shot perfectly exploited for the 3D. Many explosions are also accompanied by soft projections subtly integrated.There is also a beautiful sequence with constant burst of sparks that fell over the room. Another surprising sequence of many runs when time opens the gateway on earth, with a burst of rewarding the enemy fleet out of the wall literally overflowing generously in your room, guaranteed effects!

Thus, on several occasions, it was breath against the debauchery of 3D effects that last half hour, which fit perfectly with the action, especially when these beautiful spillovers intense spurts even stealth are complemented perfectly by a great management depth and a soundtrack in DTS HD unsurprisingly, perfectly fulfills its role as a catalyst for fun!


Final 3D Evalution :  
Avengers 3D Blu-Ray shows up to be a great show and a slap literal visual, with a final apotheosis in 3D processing technology which allows it to reach the podium of the best 3D sequences to date and good numbers surpass movies endorsed the label 'native 3D Movies'.Far exceed the master Avatar 3D , the student Avengers 3D surprises during the last half hour lecture to honor the passing sweeping the competition could hope to represent Transformers 3 3D movie similarly constructed with a long combat sequence final at the heart of American buildings, but especially native 3D film. 
Yet this result is even more stunning that we are dealing with a 3D conversion, while for most of the film, 3D perceived quality refers to a true 3D . 
course debauchery imaging facilitates the processing of synthetic a posteriori depth and gushing, but it is clear that Avengers 3D Blu-Ray control very well about it. With the disappearance of some scenes a little too blurred in some ways deep and the integration of more spectacular effects spurts, the film could approach a quality quite disturbing. 
It remains a show 3D comes naturally as a must in your collection of Blu-Ray 3D, if this kind of fiction is through your eyes. 

Franck L.

Top 3D sequencesAvengers 3D
TimeType of 3D effect Description
1:46: 04Pop-outLanding enemy of the black hole
1:46: 40Pop-outBurst behind Iron Man
1:47: 31Pop-outEnemy ships
1:49: 55DepthAmazing views!
1:52: 23DepthAn aerial view of buildings
1:54: 40Pop-outA maddening chase
1:55: 32Pop-outRomanoff brandished a weapon enemy
1:57: 00Pop-outBoom and vessel
2:02: 19Pop-outA dip and arrow
2:05Pop-outStarck sneak through the room
2:05DepthBreathtaking view of the bridge!

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