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Amazing Spider-Man 3D Blu-ray Review


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Blu-ray 3D title  The Amazing Spider-Man 3D Blu-ray 3D
Type of 3DNative
Release Date FR: 05/11/12
Tested versionFrench
Audio: English  
Audio: French  
Final Evaluation 3D GOOD

Abandoned by his parents as a child, Peter Parker was raised by his Uncle Ben and Aunt May. It is now in high school, but it is difficult to integrate.Like most teenagers his age, Peter is trying to figure out who he is and accept his path. Love for the first time he and Gwen Stacy discover feelings, commitment, and secrets. By finding a mysterious briefcase that belonged to his father, Peter began a quest to solve the disappearance of his parents, which leads quickly to Oscorp and the lab of Dr. Curt Connors, the former partner of his father. Spider-Man will soon be faced with the Lizard, Connors's alter ego. In deciding to use his powers, he will choose his destiny ... 

Sony Studios we offer effective reboot but never transcendent Spiderman series with a very neat visual and engaging presentation of the main characters. Shot in native 3D Red Epic cameras with 5k, Spider-Man offers singular version of 3D to generate the expected immersion of the viewer.Here for you test version EN 3D Blu-ray 3D preview with French !

Image and depth: 
The first analysis concerns first of all the technical features of the image: there is deep black with a superb rendering, point reassuring because the film features mostly dark scenes in all key stages. The sharpness and contrast are good too. However with regard to the processing of colors, it is good but not exceptional because it refers often look a little dull in 3D. We rejoice in contrast to the very good readability in dark scenes.

It then discusses the treatment depth, and quickly discovered that the trailer hinted at: a bias very original. Indeed, at the beginning of the film, there is a very slight depth with a relief image of very soft, often at the limit of perception. The first displayed environments are often quite cramped spaces and the sense of depth is very low fault setting voluntary 3D soft mode intensity, reinforced by overuse of the blur backgrounds. And this continues for much of the film: in fact the director has chosen to provide technical and immersive a minimum depth of dramatic scenes, dialogue, narration around Peter Parker "normal", to better highlight the remarkable that appears when 3D action scenes featuring Spider-Man. Choice of course controversy that will not please everyone, because a difference of excellent atmosphere created in Tron 3D , which had decided to start with sequences in the real world in perfect 2D and 3D mode definitely wavered from the arrival in the Grid, in Spider-Man is constantly alternates between depth mode low level and high level deep mode over narration.

So after an hour of history (time to reboot to restart effectively adventure after a swim), there gradually to initial depth sequence superb. We then discover countless plans relatively cults on the roofs of buildings with views and cameras that create incredible diving dizziness and height of an equivalent quality 3D technology leaders such sequences present in Men In Black 3 3D (the famous cult jump in time) or Avengers 3D (sequences cults of Iron Man flying over the city and the bridge). About a dozen sequences, is pleased and even surprised, after a little sleepy at the technical level for tens of minutes before falling on top sequences demo depth effects. At 1:20, Spider-Man is even stage a sequence that is a true copy of the traveling worship in Men In Black 3 3D where you can see the tip top of the Chrysler Building, with a traveling tower on Oscorp identical, and 3D rendering depth and also managed side detachment. Speaking of posting, it is very light on soft sequences, and terrible when the depth is racing in action.

Opportunities for Spider-Man is not lacking in the film to stage stunning depth effects on the bridge, the roofs of skyscrapers, in the final confrontation cult of 8 minutes. When these plans are only a small part of the total duration of the film, it often affects the 5/5 on the depth effect transcribed. But unfortunately for at least 80% of the film, the depth is too low sweetness although very natural and has over time, and that will be quickly forgotten even if the trained eye always distinguish foreground and one or 2 backgrounds through closed by a blurred background.Paradoxically, the printing of this bias is that 3D presentation works well enough for immersion in the film remains intact during the 2 hours of viewing.


Regarding the effects of the plume, the director does not expect happily hour film (like depth effects) to put water in the mouth of his public. And after a quarter of an hour, there is first of all a very successful 3D hologram of the tree of life with a spider Oscorp spouted (somewhat in the spirit of the holographic effect in 3D Prometheus ). 20 minutes later enrolled in the shallow sequences and around a Peter Parker 'normal', it is surprising to have pretty spills and spurts in one hand, a lizard and a mouse. Appetite whetted by these small effects sympathetic eagerly awaited action scenes where the 3D depth side flares.

And the big surprise because after 50 minutes, there was amazed at the sequence of vertigo doubled gushing most impressive to date catalog of Blu-ray 3D! Indeed, a sequence at incredible 3D rendering depicts Spider-Man walking on hands and keep the balance on the edge of the void from the roof of a building: it is necessary to represent at the time the one of the best depth of focus of the city at the bottom, which is associated with one of the most beautiful spurts permanent kind, with Peter Parker whose entire body out of the wall towards the couch! We then obtain the most impressive range stereographic image with a hand almost the couch to finish hundreds of meters lower, a visual success!

Another innovation incredible realism materializes at some motion sequences for subjective Spidey: worthy of a FPS game, the director appears downright arms Peter edge screen mode gushing permanent, ie that they come out of the wall in a sustainable manner, and give the impression when Peter takes his canvas the rope comes off the couch: excellent! Later, we see the remake of the cult scene gushing in Men In Black 3 3D where you see the tip top of the Chrysler Building, this time with the tip of the tower that comes Oscorp not as 1 meter in MIB3 but several meters from the wall so that it reaches and crosses completely the couch for 2 seconds incredible and almost frightening realism because it deviates almost head upon contact!

Fairly conventional in recent times in terms of competition, the film offers a 2nd hour more exciting than the first. And similarly in Avengers 3D Blu-ray, it offers a grand finale that justifies all watching the film. And 8 minutes non stop, it has a number of incredible scenes that illustrate many spurts by reference.

The first 1:51 ET staggering: one sees Spider-Man out of the wall for a full flight sequence and make her turn around in the room before leaving with perfect framing and optimum clarity. This passage is an incredible top demo, which looks very much the same effects present in the new 3D cartoon reference end of this year, Madagascar 3 3D , with dozens of scenes where characters fly through the room during their acrobatics! There will also be the traditional sequence of bursts of particles with permanent snow falls over the room, then the rain to another point in the film.


Final Evaluation 3D: 
Reboot both conventional and effective, The Amazing Spider-Man 3D offers an approach to 3D singular and unprecedented in a Blu-ray 3D depth exuding a minimalist although very natural and immersive enough in the treatment of narrative and dramatic scenes ( almost 80% of the film), the film sparkles at every opportunity, action sequence or chase over the rooftops of the city to show very often among the most beautiful effects of depth, height and vertigo available to days, and enters the club closed last Avengers Blu-ray 3D and 3D Men In Black 3 in this register. It is the same for the use of spurts and they reveal themselves during these sequences that appear strategic multiple occasions using a 3D processing reference.We note that the last ten minutes and is one of the top sequences most impressive demo of the latest live action out. Once again, it comes to judging a film that relied on voluntary 3D content currently the most heterogeneous: hot after the credits could be tempted to 4.5 / 5, but it should be slightly sanction to remember that the majority of the film, the 3D show insufficient for all aficionados of extreme 3D.Depending on your tolerance to the subjective dared specifications of this film, it may vary between 3/5 and 4/5, the last note ended my test today.
Top 3D sequencesThe Amazing Spider-Man Blu-ray 3D
TimeType of 3D effect Description
6:17 p.m.Pop-outThe Tree of Life + spider
24:43DepthCity view
26:59Pop-outOverflow of a hand
39:05DepthAerial tours
39:57Pop-outA lizard and a mouse 3d
52:39DepthDizziness roof of the building!
52:39Pop-outPeter stands on his hands!
54:36Pop-outA pigeon flies, and hand painting
1:14: 05Pop-outBurst + fabric hand bis
1:14: 41DepthDizziness Bridge
1:15: 48Pop-outDebris headlight + accident
1:20: 20DepthBird's eye view of the roof and traveling!
1:20: 20Pop-outBurst from the tip of the tower!
1:25: 25Pop-outProjection of rope
1:26: 35DepthFilin depth
1:28: 15DepthCombat in water + sewer
1:40: 56Pop-outDebris and dust
1:43: 10Pop-outSubjective view Spidey
1:46: 23Pop-outFlotables
1:48: 04DepthClimbing the facade
1:50: 38DepthSpider-Man flies in depth
1:51: 04Pop-outSpider-Man flies in the room!
1:55: 16DepthThe vacuum
1:55: 21Pop-outThe wicked
1:56: 08Pop-outIt's snowing!
2:01: 02Pop-outRain without odd
2:07: 19Pop-outThe fist & Spidey

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