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Ice Age 4 3D Blu-ray Review Continental Drift


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Blu-ray 3D title  Ice Age 4: Continental Drift 3D Blu-ray 3D
Type of 3DNative
Release Date FR: 14/11/12
Tested versionFrench
Audio: English  
Audio: French  
Appreciation Global 3D EXCELLENT

While Scrat tirelessly pursues his acorn, it will cause the drift of a continent that propels Manny, Diego, Sid and his grandmother completely gaga an epic odyssey ... Using an iceberg as a ship, our heroes explore a new world and face terrible pirates 

after a previous game Ice Age 3 3D blu-ray which showed its technical and aesthetic qualities, and his mastery of a good level of depth, spillage and spurts constant throughout the film (allowing access to the top Pop-out 3D movies ), the arrival of the latest called "Continental Drift 3D" is an event in itself as the hope of further increase of technical developments appears undeniable. This is again which focuses on deciphering this new 3D preview International on 13 November 

Image and depth:  
Once the movie started, we are able to immediately appreciate the impressive quality of the image: colorful, a dive incredible sharpness and even a slight increase compared to the previous game, which seemed difficult to imagine given the standard already attained earlier. Rendering black is not left too.

We then discovered the treatment of 3D depth. The film begins with the beginning of the traditional Scrat-centric episode, which shows a dazzling 3D visual rendering. Seen flying through the air, and then enter the Earth's crust and fall into the void. Depth is already very good at that time. But from the beginning of the film itself, it is immersed in views of snow-covered forests, and display 3D depth is magnificent as seldom before you enter the dense forest with all its opportunities intermediate with a plan distant reference and impressive level of detail for each tree. Detachment reveals 3D scenes and incredible highs. Excellent news because already there is consensus that this 4th album raises the bar even higher than the third episode 3D.

The continuation of the film confirms the excellence of the depth: the first major events of the film with the activation of plate motions land depict sequences of doom masterful and plans dizziness and incredible height flirting often made ​​with the last prodigal 3D Madagascar 3 3D , which is a sign of extreme visual quality. Another event in the film that turns the demonstration sequence storm with the boat of our makeshift ice hero: it reproduces the best shots of the film "The Perfect Storm" by adding a 3D dimension incredible detachment and wave height in relation to the position of the ice floe riding the crest: beautiful 3D visual effect. Later pirates attack a ship reveals ice displays with points of view always impressive above the water level. The rest of the film navigates between very good and excellent for 3D depth. Countless tracking shots during action scenes have always uniquely positioned to take the measure of the volume of 3D space in the background. Underwater sequences with Scrat prove as brilliant as those at the end of a movie Scratlantide perched in the heights. The only mini complaint concerns can be expressed by the time of backgrounds warped or faded behind misty layers that occasionally degrade the excellent depth effect orchestrated. This is uncommon and less used in the third episode.retain in the film is a good twenty shots where the effect of vertical height and amazing shows rarely achieved in Blu-ray 3D: one shudders height and perceived gap in the various slips and falls!


The third installment of the saga 3D had demonstrated its mastery of spills and spurts over the entire duration of the film, allowing it to appear in the top 3D films gushing . It is surprising that discovers Ice Age 4 manages to outdo its predecessor, and achieve the closed circle of the best films operator spills and blowouts.

Indeed from the introductory sequence with Scrat, there is a festival with a gushing nose pointing to the couch repeatedly, a Scrat which pierces the wall watching several times according to his usual wanderings and misfortunes, and excesses of elements from the destruction caused.

Then the film begins with the tribe and features an incredible level of constant overflow: it does not go 30 seconds without overflowing a dozen characters and objects, including faces, body, hands, arms, objects they hold, are regularly occur in the middle part. It also leaves often simple overflow register to enter the permanent outpouring of elements and objects due to the distance at which they appear out of the wall. The number of overflows is amazing and allows the film to enter the exclusive club of the last films 3D reference 'land' on spills and blowouts, and slip between Madagascar 3 3D (always on top) and Lorax 3D .

It is thus impossible to enumerate all the 3D effects that occur continuously at different levels of intensity, ranging from soft to medium. We find, however, very rarely effects in spurts as extreme 3D Madagascar 3 showed that very often downright elements reaching the couch. In The Ice Age 4, is more moderate and prefers to play continuously a range of smaller bursts in space, but steady. The few sequences without overflows remain wide shots of distant scenery or nature.

In listing the various spurts, we no longer count the number of times the horn, nose, head of the protagonists out of the wall, close-ups of the dialogues always putting in scene the character which expresses itself in the center of screen mode gushing permanent. The storm fairly well with the rain, but is below the general treatment shown in the film.

Another sequence highly successful surprise when Scrat is still plunges into the water to try to get his nut: it was the outpouring of permanent bubble in the middle of the room very immersive. On another note there is also some scenes with characters spurts rear wheel or slide coming from the back of the room across the room to the front.


Global Evaluation 3D:  
The Ice age 4 3D manages to outdo its predecessor , which had already revealed for its aesthetic qualities and 3D operation of a complete three-dimensional range. This new album shows undeniable ease in displaying an impressive constant depth and a superb posting to an excellent collection of volumes in which the hero sets evolve. Tiny drops of regimes remain anecdotal depth with backgrounds sometimes veiled or foggy. The other essential component to obtain a complete 3D reference remains the registry spillovers and spurts: it is with pleasure that one enjoys in the film festival overflows supported and bursts of moderate intensity. The only real flaw of the film remains its format 2.40, which does not really worth the extraordinary work on the effects 'out'. This does not preclude the 3D Ice Age 4 being the prodigal son in the New Year in the category animation : it succeeds thanks to its 3D exceed a march the excellent level of spills and blowouts found in Puss in Boots 3D for example, or Kung Fu Panda 2 , and enter the exclusive club of new kings of 3D 'Earthly', still dominated by the insolent Madagascar 3 3D , and completed by the last Lorax 3D, not omitting to remember that for the movies category 'underwater' Sammy 3D remains the absolute monarch, whose reign is likely to continue for some months with the imminent arrival of Blu-ray 3D 2nd album!

mercredi, novembre 14, 2012