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Test Epic Dragon 3D Oculus Rift - VR PC review


Titre PCEpic Dragon 3D Oculus Rift
CatégorieDémo Action / Avent
Date de sortie  Dispo
Appréciation Globale 3D  NA

Matériel de test 3DOculus Rift Kit dev
ConfigPC avec Carte vidéo 3D Geforce GTX 670 / 8 Go RAM

Introduction :
We proudly announce our first shared demo's from ArchiVision. We are a dutch company that creates artist impressions of real-estate projects. The Rift has inspired us (and our customers) big-time since the last couple of months and we have inspired the real-estate scene back on our turn by creating some interesting projects with the Rift. Alot of customers come to visit our company for a quick demo of the Oculus Rift. Since we want to impress them with the immersiveness of the device we always start of with the Unreal Rollercoaster demo. Our customers were so very impressed that we thought of creating our own amusement rides in turn.

Spatialisation 3D :
Immersion 3D :
Graphismes 3D : 
Gestion effet de nausée : 
Bilan 3D : 


Bilan Expérience 3D :  


mardi, décembre 24, 2013