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Test Magic Journey to Africa 3D Blu-ray 3D


Titre Blu-ray 3D  Magic Journey to Africa 3D Blu-ray 3D
Type de 3D NA
Date de sortie  US : 23/04/13
Version testée NA
Audio : Anglais  
Audio : Français 
Appréciation Globale 3D  ????

Introduction :
A ten-year-old girl from Barcelona encounters a young bushman who inspires her to learn more about Africa in this educational – and visually dazzling – fantasy adventure. With a young Himba boy named Mel as her guide and a winged horse to carry her across the land, young Jana discovers the beauty of the Namib Desert while learning about the remarkable creatures that inhabit it.


Image & profondeur : ?


Jaillissements :  ?


Bilan 3D : ?

samedi, octobre 19, 2013